According to the plan, 5 new procedures of Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) added in National Single Window (NSW) on December 18th, 2018.

General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC) – the Standing Agency of the National Steering Committee on ASEAN Single Window (ASW), NSW and trade facilitation has just agreed with the MOIT on the time of adding 5 new procedures to NSW of this Ministry on December 18th, 2018.

These 5 newly added procedures include: granting import licence for explosive pre-substances; granting import/export licence for industrial pre-substances; procedures on non-commercial tobacco imports; procedures on requesting for granting written agreement on joining the pilot project for self-certification of origin in ASEAN; and procedures for informing the criteria on tobacco material and rolling paper imports.

However, until now, the MOIT has just signed and made uniform in procedure and information of criteria for 3 procedures. To ensure the join is on schedule, the Standing Agency proposed the MOIT to sign for the procedures and information bureau for the remaining 2 procedures: procedures on non-commercial tobacco imports; and procedures for informing the criteria on tobacco material and rolling paper imports.

If the aforementioned procedures is completed on schedule, the MOIT will achieve the target which set by the Government to implement the ASW in 2018. With 5 newly added procedures, the procedures to participate in the NSW of the MOIT will increase from 6 to 11.

About the results of current NSW procedures, according to the latest information from the Standing Agency, by early December there were 135 procedures of 11 ministries and branches connected.

About the number of records which enterprises be obliged, on November 15th, the total number of records had resolved on the NSW portal is over 1.66 million sets, of more than 25,300 enterprises.

About the implementation of ASW, from January 1st, 2008, the GDVC has cooperated with ministries and branches to achieve the official connection objectives through the exchange of Form D certificates (C / O form D) electronic version with 4 countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand.

Until November 15th, the total number of C / O in Vietnam received from 4 ASEAN countries is 50,436. In particular, Indonesia is 38,843, Malaysia is 11,319, Singapore is 274, Thailand alone has no C / O sent to Vietnam. The total number of Vietnamese C / O sent to countries is 85,831. In which, Indonesia is 20,848, Malaysia is 22,003, Singapore is 7,119, Thailand is 35,861.

Besides, the GDVC is cooperating with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and relevant ministries, branches prepare technical conditions for pilot test in exchange information on ASEAN customs declaration document and quarantine licences for animals, plants, electronic devices.

6 procedures that had added in NSW of the MOIT previously:

  • Licensing import of ozone depleting substances;
  • Licensing import of automatic large displacement motorbikes;
  • Procedures for granting certificate of origin C / O form D;
  • Issuing Kimberley process certificates for rough diamonds;
  • Issuing permits for import and export of industrial explosives;
  • Issuing certificate of chemical declaration.